Detail of Mimi head


Obviously Mimi is not a Maltese. She is a Chinese Crested. A noble one. Her formal name is Phoebe ze Zatopené chajdy. She is one of the hairless kind. Yes I know. None of the pictures show her truly hairless. But since she is not attending exhibitions (any more) there is no need for her to be in show condition. In any case she is fully integrated into the Maltese pack. My guess is she still does not understand why the Malteses ears won't stand up but there is always Balthasar. The one she really is affectionate about.
Mimi head study
Mimi on the terrace

Under the Blanket

As a Chinese Chrested hairless Mimis fur is not as protective as other dogs. When she was a baby and the weather was rainy and/or windy she quickly felt cold. That resulted in the small baby dog that robbed under my blanket at night. When I woke up the small black nose was the only thing protruding from the blanket near my neck. Mimi crawled on my chest where she slept the whole night. Warm and snug.
Mimi sleeping on her back
Another Mimi head study


Mimi is fast and intelligent. One day the wind opened our gate. A rabbit chose to visit us. But that we didn't know when we came home. We closed the gate. The there was an intruder was not obvious since at the time the grass was about half a meter in height. The five Maltses and Mimi quickly realized that there must be someone. Somewhere. The rabbit knew that too. Jumped and ran. Quickly followed by a few Maltese. The others just ran around barking. Seemingly just for fun. Half a meter grass made it impossible for the small dogs to see the rabbit. Mimi figured that out quickly. She ran up a small hill on our property to spy out where she needs to go. She did that several times. She found the rabbit quickly. Now is probably the time to tell you that no rabbit was harmed during this exercise. Before the dogs could converge on the intrudor we called them off. I rescued the rabbit and set it free again.
Mimi sitting around
Mimi walking in tall grass