Detail of Uhura head


Uhura Recanto da Cêpa is her full name. Born on May, 6th 2015 we named her after the Star Trek character. Her mother is Chavela and her father Bellissario.
Uhura playing with wood
Uhura walking around

Lap Dog

She thinks of herself as the most cute and adorable dog there is. Blinking faithful eyes. One paw slightly raised. Endearing. Next thing you know is that she wants to get picked up. To put this picture into the right frame: Uhura is a big dog. Standing up she is nearly as tall as I am.
Uhura head study
Uhura playing


Like Tahira she loves her toys. Fetch and retrieve comes natural to her - though Chavela is not a good role model in this case. Unless you mean for her to fetch a tomato. Uhura fetches sticks, stuffed toys. Basically whatever you throw for her.


  • Juniorchampion Croatia
Uhura walking
Uhura sleeping