Yggradsil at work


His name comes from the mystical tree in North mythology. Though he might be the center of the gods his mother Rohana rules with a tight grip. So there is no uprising. Especially from someone named like a tree...
Yggdrasil mouth full of dirt
Yggdrasil startled digging a hole

Digger Heritage

There is no doubt that Yggdrasil leared to dig from Rohana really well. Almost all of our dogs dig holes. But most of them are not that efficient. Rohana is the exception. She uses the force to bore down into the earth. In only a couple of minutes you have something resembling a crater. Yggradsil is not that good yet but his attempts are promising.
Yggdrasil playing with Ylvi
Yggdrasil on a walk with Rohana and Ylvi

From Play to Work

We considered training Yggdrasil to be a professional digger but somehow on this way we turned the wrong corner so now he will be a man trailer. He is a natural at it, has a lot of fun searching and so far we found every single person.
Yggdrasil playing with a toy
Yggdrasil walking in high grass