Merlin running in high grass


Merlin has a role model he really likes. It's Clyde. So he is trying to be as smart, beautiful and magnificent as Clyde is. And he is succeeding. When it's time to give his fur a shine he is automtically getting into position for combing. He is enthusiastically carrying toys around and already has a foothold in man trailing. Finding the right way even when the person to search for is not where expected.
Merlin chewing his toy
Christmas with Merlin


When he wants human or other dog to do something he can be quite talkative. Surprising is his vocal range. Not only is he capable of barking in different pitch but he also has a broad range of other - let's call them - noises that he emits.
Headshot of Merlin


Even though he might be one of those cutesy little fur ball dogs giving him a bone with some raw flesh on it might show you his other side. Were-Hudson is definitely not as persistently gnawing on such a piece as Merlin is.