Hudson had a rough start. He seemed to be a happy and healthy puppy at first. But after some month he lost weight and interest. It turned out to be a liver shunt. Since he so very, very small (in part due to his condition) the operation was extremely difficult. Thanks to the hand picked team of anesthetist, surgeon and nurs all went well. He's still very small and will stay that way but he is as healthy as can be.
Headshot of Hudson
Christmas time with Hudson


It's November. A chilling wind is moving empty branches in the middle of the night. The eary light from the full moon is shining through the parting cloud cover and triggers Were-Hudson. It took the moving clouds only a couple of seconds to cover the moon again but it was already too late. Were-Hudson did it again...
Hudson the beast at Halloween
Hudson the saint at Halloween

At Work

Aside from starring in pictures Hudson tries to be a particuarly helpful dog. Insisting on sitting or sleeping nearby or when necessary even on top of my graphic tablet.
Hudson at work again
Hudson at work with me