Detail of Minnie head


Minnie's real name is Umbra Recanto da Cêpa. She is called Minnie because she was the miniature version of her mother Chavela. Now she is actually the same size. Her father is Bellissario and she was born on May, 6th 2015.
Minnie head study
Minnie doing agility

Family Traits

Offspring always inherits traits from the parents. Some are cute, some annoying. Others mean I have to fight for my harvest. Chavela always knew what was edible in our garden - cherries, blackberry, raspberry, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.. I learned I have to protect all I want to eat from her hungry snout. From all Chavela's babies none seem to have this ability - except Minnie. From the very start on she did the same: picking cherries.
Minnie running with wood
Minnie palying with wood


Like her mother Chavela she likes to climb the hurdles in agility. And every time she does it right there comes this look that tries to say 'look how good I am' and 'give me treat fast' at the same time.
Minnie sitting around
Minnie sleeping