Detail of Ezadro head


Named Ezadro do Itaguaré in full. He was born on April, 7th 2015 to Falua II do Itaguaré and Eros do Puri Moreno.
Ezadro head study
Ezadro doing agility


If you think Bellissario likes to fool around. Think twice. What Bellissario does with his voice Ezadro does by lumbering around. I haven't seen Ezadro in a bad mood yet. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are with him he always enjoys it and has fun.
Ezadro digging a hole
Another Ezdro head study

Lick the Nose

That's the game he is playing with Bellissimo (and all other dogs he meets). Innocently he walks at his side until he thinks himself unobserved. Then he strikes. A fast lick right over the nose of Bellissimo. When that does not prompt a reaction he tries again until he is barked at. Not that this would stop him from trying again a minute later.
Ezadro walking
Ezadro sleeping