Detail of Tessa head


Born on October, 29th 2014 to Serena von Cheib´s and Jordan Gigantes do Apora. Her full name is Abadessa Gigantes do Apora.
Tessa doing agility
Tessa biting wood

Best Friends

Tessa and Tahira are basically inseparable. They play together, they sleep in the same dog bed (in times nearly on top of each other). Even though they are not related Tahira is like a big sister for Tessa. So she is always looking out for her.
Tessa with flying ears
Tessa playing with Tahira

Rubber Ball

No she does not like rubber balls. But she acts like one. There does't have to be a lot of excitement to make Tessa jump around. She is so well balanced on her hind legs that she can walk on them alone for a few steps. She may be a candidate for dog dancing. If only I could dance...
Tessa standing around
Tessa sleeping