Detail of Bonnies head


As a Maltese she may be small but she has a lot of impact on everyone around her. Contrary to so many believes that small dogs aren't as capable as large ones Bonnie does it all. She accompanied me on runs, does agility very well, knows her toys by color and name, she mastered dog show training (even though she does not attend dog shows) and she has always helpful comments if asked. Not to mention that she has the last word amongst her fellow dogs.
Bonnie and I at night
Bonnie on her pink pillow


As some of the images show Bonnie is my go to dog for all dog related photography. I'm getting somewhat better but there is a lot to learn and there is no stop to learning. Beside photography and sports, Bonnie may as well be a nerd. She is always right by my side when I'm working at the computer. Listening to so many technical stuff that the probably has heard more than anybody else.
Bonnie playing
Bonnie head study

Shared Meal

Some time ago when Bonnie was in heat she and Phoebe were the only ones who stayed with me in Vienna. It was a long day. I completely forgot to go shopping so there was basically nothing to eat for me. Too late to buy something and I didn't want to leave for a restaurant (ordering food was not an option in the district I lived in). I prepped Bonnie's and Phoebe's meal which I pre-cooked the day before and resigned to the couch. Contemplating what was potentially edible. Bonnie listened to my lamenting and promptly left. I thought she just didn't want to listen but she returned with a big dried treat which she had stowed away and dropped it in my lap. I know you may say 'That is not possible' or 'not real' and I have to tell you I don't care. She did exactly that. She understood and cared enough to share her meal.
Bonnie on the walkway
Bonnie running