Detail of Rohana head


Her full name is Rohana da Boa Sorte. She was born on February, 15th 2012 to Xaua do Alto Quatis and Naipe da Boa Sorte.
Rohana head study
Rohana playing with wood


Rohana has power. There is no end to it. All our dogs are muscular but beside that Rohana radiates energy. When there is a chance to run, holding still is barely possible. The moment she is told to go she is exploding. This trait shines through Rohanas actions. When all are digging holes (possibly hunting mice) Rohana is digging one that's deep enough to be called a cave. Don't believe me. Take a look at this video and pay attention to the pictures below.
Rohana standing still for a moment
Rohana on the terrace


  • Juniorchampion Slovenia
  • Juniorchampion Croatia
  • Juniorchampion Czech Republic
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • International Champion
  • Bosnian Champion
  • Republika Srpska Champion
Rohana digging a hole
Rohana shaking to remove the dirt