Detail of Phoebe head


She is the smallest of our Maltese. One of her sisters (who is not living with us) is exactly that amount larger that Phoebe is smaller than the others. Phoebe has the cute thing going for her. That's especially helpful for not getting ranted at when she is running outside barking like a machine gun. Since 'bell' is bark in German I think a better name for her would have been Minniebell.
Phoebe running in high grass
Phoebe head study

Own Room

It may seem that she is the smallest. But since the formula states that the ego is inverse proportional to the size she is actually the biggest dog we have. Therefore she needs her own room. At least according to Phoebe's logic. Every time a room our dogs are normally not occupying (guest room i.e.) is open for access Phoebe is the first to seize it. Making her leave requires lots of begging. And may be a treat or two.
Phoebe standing around
Phoebe sitting around

Best Rest

Phoebe always finds the best places to sleep. Here is an example: I'm hanging on the couch. Really lazy. Phoebe acknowledges this. She jumps on the couch. Walks right over to me on my lap and from there on my chest. Just the place where she wanted to be. With a satisfied look and a hearty grunt she turns and lies down for a short nap. Thank you human pillow.
Another head study of Phoebe
Phoebe inspecting a worm