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About Us

Even though I sometimes wished otherwise we are two humans. We are Viktoria and Richard. Viktoria's work with animals is never done as she is a Veterinarian by education. I on the other hand am what is now lovingly called a nerd. This combination works out pretty good for our not so small house hold.

Why We Have Dogs

When we were little both of us grew up with animals in general. An experience that no child should be kept from. So a lot of thanks go out to our parents I guess. One can learn many things from having to care for a hamster i.e.. Even though I liked having hamsters, guinea pigs and in Viktorias case cats and rabbits having a dog is definitely another level. Way more interactive than any other animal. But also more captivating. Dogs aren't wolfs any more. They are fully integrated in our life. So we have our dogs because I can't imagine our life no longer without them.

All our Dogs

Obvious from this website and for all those that have visited us is that we have many dogs. Different dogs. We have had ones from shelters. Ones that where thrown in the trash (yes, I mean that exactly this way - I abhor those people). Helped find homes for others. But all have in common that we try the best to engage each dog. Sure that takes time. And a lot of effort. Every day at least one will accompany us to work. There is no trip without dogs.
Richard taking pictures with Tariqs help
Viktoria getting kissed by Tessa

Why We Breed

Breeding dogs turns out is something a lot of people want to do. The common answer to the question Why? is because they like puppies. In my opinion these are not the best circumstances. On the other hand breeding for money is even worse simply because in this case money is always the first priority. Not the dogs. We are definitely not breeding for money.
Our intention is to improve the publicity of a marvelous dog that's not widely known. Fila breeding in Europe has taken a turn for the worse in the last years. As people try to create unusually large and heavy dogs with too much loose skin that tend to be sluggish (and die young). They also train them to be ridiculously aggressive. This has not helped the public image of this dog. So we try to go back to the roots. Our Filas are muscular and athletic. They love to run. Play. Work. This makes them healthy. Their natural curiosity helps teaching them new things so instead of training a fake abrasiveness we learn them to function in our society. Make no mistake our dog will protect if necessary. But most of the time you are only going to want your dog to be able to accompany you in a calm fashion.
Bellissimo head study
Three dogs on the hill sitting