Detail of Clydes head


He has a sensitive and lovable character. For sure he thinks he is the most beautiful dog there ever was. When Bonnie is bolting for her ball with all the might she can muster Clyde is waging if it's worth fetching the thing and if he chooses so he walks like a gentleman. Tail held high. Giving the illusion is is hovering more than walking.
Clyde on the terrace
Clyde head study

No Dirt

Clyde has the ability to stay clean. Not that he is not fully capable of covering himself in dirt. I've pictures to prove that. But usually it's like this: It's wet and dirty outside. The returning dogs are covered in mud at least to the waste line. Clyde walks the same direction but only his paws are smudged. And barely that. My best guess he is hovering when no one is looking.
Clyde walking on grass
Clyde swimming

Best Father

Bonnie is a wonderful dog mother. Even now when she sees a baby dog - no matter the size - she changes into motherhood mode. But her good will has a limit. Clyde's does seemingly not. No matter how annoying his children were he stood his ground. He is protective of his family as he should be. That and his overwhelmingly positive demeanor guarantees him a special place in his families life.
Another Clyde head study
Clyde walking on grass again