Detail of Chavela head


Her full name is Chavela Fuerte Birengo and she was born on March, 23rd 2010. The same day as Bellissario and Bellissimo. Just a few years later. Her Mother and father are Careta Birengo and Yepora de El Siledin.
Detail of Chavelas head
Chavela head study


In the back of their mind most people think of black dogs as scary. Chavela proves that myth wrong. Most people immediatly jump to the conclusion the Chavela is cute. She likes that. She likes people in general. That doesn't mean she doesn't do her job well. An encounter with an obtrusive drunken guy ended rapidly when she showed him her bright white teeth right in his face. Her nice smile can wake up the dead. This guy - no matter the blood alcohol level - quickly chose to go the other way. Thank you Chavela. Job well done.
Chavela relaxing on the sofa
Chavela running


  • Juniorchampion Slovenia
  • Juniorchampion Croatia
  • Juniorchampion Mazedonia
  • Juniorchampion Bulgaria
  • Juniorchampion Moldavia
  • Juniorchampion Adriatic
  • Juniorchampion Balkan
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
Chavela sitting on the dog hill
Another head study of Chavela