Detail of Bellissimo head


His full name is Bellissimo von der Neuen Welt. Born on March, 23rd 2006 to Higienolpolis Diara and Gol II da Serra Do Itanhandu. Like his brother Bellissario. Due to a sound life style (and genetics) Bellissimo enjoys excellent health.
Bellissimo on the terrace
Bellissimo head study


This is probably the best word to describe Bellissimo's character. His behaviour ranges from really excited jumping to totally relaxed lying around, observing. Bellissimo is a well traveled dog. His impressive list of titles is the least part of his journeys. He is accompanying us on a regular basis so there is not a lot he as not see or experienced. That reflects in his demeanor.
Bellissimo digging a hole
Bellissimo playing


  • International Champion
  • Adriatic Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croation Champion
  • Balkan Champion
  • Montenegrin Champion
  • Mazedonian Champion
  • Georgian Champion
  • Bulgarian Champion
  • Austrian Veteran Champion
  • Slovenian Veteran Champion
  • Coratian Veteran Champion
  • Slovenian Grand Champion
  • CAFIB approved
Another head study of Bellissimo
Bellissimo running really fast