Detail of Bellissario head


He was born on March, 23rd 2006. His full name is Bellissario von der Neuen Welt. Like Bellissimo is mother and father are Higienolpolis Diara and Gol II da Serra Do Itanhandu. And like his brother he is enjoying his health every single day.
Bellissario running
Bellissario head study


Bellissario likes to fool around. No matter where or when. He is known for howling when he is bored. So basically on every exhibition while he has to wait. Considering his size you can imagine the loudness of his howl in the ranks of a fog horn. People on the other side of the exhibition hall turn to see what's going on. But I guess the self satisfied look on his face while doing that tells the whole story.
Bellissario on the terrace
Bellissario looking puzzled


  • European Veteran Winner 2016
  • International Champion
  • Adriatic Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Balkan Champion
  • Montenegrin Champion
  • Mazedonian Champion
  • Georgian Champion
  • Bulgarian Champion
  • Austrian Veteran Champion
  • Slovenian Veteran Champion
  • Croatian Veteran Champion
  • Slovakian Veteran Champion
  • Czech Republic Veteran Champion
  • Bosnian Veteran Champion
  • Republika Srpska Veteran Champion
  • CAFIB approved
Another head study of Bellissario
Bellissario walking in tall grass