Detail of Ali head


Formaly known as Aligator. There is a reason for this name. It's quite simple. When he was a small and cute baby he tried to bite every single stranger visiting. Alis attitude has change one hundred percent since then. He likes people and other dogs too. His muscular physique makes him the strongest Maltese we have. So when playing with him you need to make sure he is not kicking out your teeth.
Ali running up hill
Ali head study


Under most circumstances growling means keep your distance. Ali is a bit different. He is trying to demand attention from us by sitting on the couch right beside us. Slowly growling. More like a cat than a dog. If you ignore him he is just barking at you. Probably thinking how stupid those bipedal monsters are. On the other hand when other dogs are growling and he likes them it's like an invitation. He jumps around them. Barking.
Ali standing still for a moment
Ali sitting on the hill for dogs

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Small dogs, especially Maltese, are generally underestimated. Of course there are some things that solely depend on size. But considering Ali one has a large dog in a small format. Since he grew up with Bellissimo and Bellissario he really thinks of himself as a large dog. When Bonnie is refusing a carrot for example, Ali will munch it down with gust as long as the really large dogs will eat it. A more practical example is temperature sensitivity. Our Filas want to go inside way earlier than Ali will. A few years back, when everyone was already back inside, it took Ali another 30min to come to that decision. By that time he proudly carried a few centimeters of snow on his back.
Ali standing on green grass
Ali standing and searching